The phrase Each OneTeach One is an African proverb that originated in the United States during slavery when Africans were denied education. When someone learned how to read or write, it became their responsibility to teach someone else. The idea is to spread knowledge for the betterment of your community.

Dear Sirs/Madames:

We greet you in peace, as we present to you our initiative, EACH 1 TEACH 1, Young Brotherhood Organization. This collaborative and active effort ultimately contributes to a renewed and positive outlook on living. The objective of Each 1 Teach 1 is to assist young men in Savannah-Chatham County community with positive guidance for day-to day-living. 

EACH 1 TEACH 1 is organized by a group of working-class men who have experienced life in both negative and positive trends. Through our experiences we have deemed it necessary to give back to the community and teach other young men how to conduct themselves during perilous times that may arise.  

During the tenure of this group we have completed the following in assisting young men:

>>>Obtain valid Driver’s License. We physically transported a young gentleman to a job interview which netted him the job with a reputable company. Through positive discussions, he has mapped out his future, built character and embarked on a productive lifestyle.
>>>Actively assisting with the area prison ministry by aiding young men released back into the community. As a result, some of these young men have gainful employment, are active in the church and are consistently providing for their families.
>>>Establish regular voter-registration drives. To date, we have successfully registered hundreds of people to vote.

>>>Assist with the establishment of community back to school drives. We have distributed supplies, clothing and shoes for children in need as they return to the local schools in our community.

To date, we have successfully assisted over 20 young men. We are currently working with 5 individuals in various capacities of needed assistance. Because of our unwavering commitment to our community, we have unselfishly used our personal funds to accomplish “ALL THAT WE CAN, WHILE WE CAN”. The need for our assistance in the community has grown tremendously. We have established an attitude of NO EXCUSES, with a belief that it CAN BE DONE!

As we move toward grant procurement and Non-Profit status, we are humbly soliciting donations to assist us with this ongoing effort. We would greatly appreciate your financial support as we continue to assist those in need. If you will, please contact Morris Pollard at (912) 631-1849 or email pollardm2@gmail.com, for any additional information or to request a meeting. 
Thank you in advance for taking the time to consider this matter, and we look forward to meeting with you soon!


Morris Pollard

The mission of We Love Cann Park Inc. Is to instill positive decision making skills in our youth through a comprehensive array of strategies and innovative initiatives. We promote total community involvement as the driving force to transform our neighborhoods into communities.

Cann park community:

2019 was pivotal in helping us build a safer and better community, City leaders cut the ribbon on the new trail at Cann Park.

The Tate Law Group donated $5,000 to Cann Park. Mark Tate from the Tate Law Group came up with a challenge for the community. According to city advocate Vanessa Taylor, Mark Tate said back in June that if $5,000 was raised by the community, he would match that. Taylor says they were able to meet that goal. A goal that Tate believes will help unite the city he loves.

Savannah’s Beach High School has an amazing historyFounded in 1867, it was one of the first schools in Georgia created for the education of freed slaves and is one of the few such schools to remain in operation today. We Love Cann Park Community Group.

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